Am I eligible?

Most community groups, clubs, and schools are eligible for funding.
But before you fill in the application form, double-check you meet all the criteria. 

 If you have a question about eligibility, please contact us.


What type of community organisation are you?

The Trusts will take applications from not-for-profit groups, incorporated societies, charitable organisations, amateur sports clubs and schools.

Is your application for a date specific or for a future based purpose/project?

Retrospective applications will not be funded – for example, deposits and purchases already made or if a project is already complete.

Is your application for funding beneficial to people or projects in West Auckland?

Applications must be for purposes or projects that are visible in West Auckland and be of benefit to the West Auckland community.

Do you intend spending an approved grant within six months of receipt?

There is an expectation that grants approved for projects will be expended within six months of receipt. During the six months and at the end of that time we will contact you to check on progress of your planned expenditure.