What do I Need?

We’ve made applying for your funding as easy as possible. But before you get started, make sure you have:

Your latest financial statements, preferably audited.

A bank statement, or bank encoded deposit slip, or hand written or printed bank details verified by the bank.

Your GST number, but only if you’re GST registered.

You’ll also need different documentation depending on what your money will go towards. Have a look below to find out what else you need.

Are you?


A Registered Charitable Organisation

If so, you’ll need a Charities Registration Number.

An Incorporated Society

If so, you'll need a Certificate of Incorporation Number.

An Amateur Sports Group, Club or Organisation

If so, you’ll need proof of current affiliation to a Sport New Zealand regional or national organisation.

A School

If so, you’ll need a letter of endorsement from the Principal on the school letterhead.


If so, you’ll need a proof of tax exemption status or proof of affiliation to a regional or national body.

Is it for?


Specific items such as uniforms or sports equipment

If so, you’ll need two competitive quotes (or a reason for only one).

Operating costs

If so, you’ll need copies of rent, power, and telephone invoices for the past three months.

Existing salary or contracted position

If so, you’ll need a copy of a signed employment contract and position description.

Travel & accommodation

If so, you’ll need a copy of an official itinerary or invitation to attend the event, together with a list of the members who are travelling.

Capital work project

If so, you’ll need a successful tender document and/or two competitive quotes.